Church Officers

Officers of Dallas RPC

Rev. Romesh "Rom" Prakashpalan

Rom is married to Maegan and they have four children. Rom was raised as a Hindu and became an atheist early in life. The Lord called him to faith through hearing the gospel in 2009 (Romans 10:17). Soon after, he felt a call to gospel ministry. He graduated from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS) in 2020 with an MDiv. He was first ordained and installed as a ruling elder at DRPC in March 2015 and then a teaching elder in July 2020 by the Midwest Presbytery of the RPCNA. In addition to homiletics, counseling, and theology; Rom enjoys cooking, especially smoking meat, computer science (his first vocation), and roadtrips with his family.

Elder Nick Schoeneberger

Nick is married to Laura and they have three children. He was ordained and installed as a deacon at DRPC in January 2019 and then an elder in October 2020.

Elder Andrew Silva

Andrew is married to Jenny and they are blessed with their four children: Adrian, Henry, Evie, and Moses. Andrew works as a Police Communications Supervisor. He was installed as a ruling elder at DRPC in March 2015.


The Bible teaches that the church is led by Elders. Elders are responsible for the spiritual oversight and governance of the congregation. In the Presbyterian form of church government, elders are also delegates to the higher courts of Presbytery and Synod. There are two kinds of elders in the Bible (1 Timothy 5:17). These two kinds of elders are ruling elders and teaching elders (pastors).


Deacons are responsible for the ministry of mercy for the congregation and the community, and take care of the church's property.